Top 5 Vegan Recipes Pasta

Top 5 Vegan Recipes Pasta

  10 Feb 2021

Pasta is one of the most sought after foods that many consider as an Italian invention. Truth is that it originated in ancient China and was brought to Italy by the legendary traveler Marco Polo. Due to its delicious taste and less expensive nature, it was made staple food in many countries and October 17th is celebrated as the National Pasta Day. Here are the top 5 vegan recipes pasta that can make the celebration special for anyone.

1. Chinese Sesame Ginger Pasta

This very popular form of past is ideal for those looking for quick preparation and delicious tastes. The vegan recipe pasta is simple and all the ingredients are usually part of the most household kitchen. The preparation takes hardly 15 minutes and the prepared dish releases a bold ginger flavor and is also a provider of various advantages of veggie food. Features of the recipe are as follows.

  • It is a purely vegan recipe for pasta as it not only avoids and non-vegetarian components and even animal products;
  • The recipe has only plant-based food ingredients; and
  • Despite having only plant products in it the pasta generates a delicious taste.

The pasta dish can be used in salad form with sesame and ginger dressing. It is healthy as well as extremely delicious. The salad is ideal for picnics and parties adding great serving for the diners. As the ingredients are simple and readily available it is less expensive as well. Apart from the main ingredients others like almond, sauce, and pepper can also be used to make the dish more delicious.

2. Cheesy Baked Pasta

This is a very popular vegan pasta that is created with a combination of pasta and melted cheese sauce that is well baked to make delicious food. For cheese lovers, this is also one of the perfect vegan recipes for pasta. The recipe is also used by caterers at parties and other celebrations. The ingredients are only melted cheese and pasta and the preparation of a delicious dish largely depends on the baking because only the perfectly baked ones will generate the best taste for the consumers. The main features of the recipe are as follows.

  • It only contains vegetarian components like cheese and pasta;
  • It is one of the comfort foods at their best; and
  • The preparation takes only 10-15 minutes.

The process of preparation of the recipe is also easy.

  • Warm the cheese to melt it and take a semi-liquid form;
  • Mix it with pasta and bake well for 10 minutes; and
  • Serve with garlic bread.

3. White Sauce Pasta

One of the simplest to prepare vegan recipes pasta this one needs only a very few components that can be available in most kitchens. Basic ingredients for the preparation of this delicious vegan pasta are –

  • Long strands of fettuccine;
  • Cream-based white sauce;
  • Garlic as necessary; and
  • Shredded capsicum.

The recipe is perfect for use in lunch, dinner, or any heavy brunch. It adds a delicious course for the diner and can be prepared in a short time. The best part of it is that pasta is affordable and does not create a dent in the consumer’s pocket.

The first task will be boiling pasta in 6 cups of water with one teaspoon of salt and two cups of pasta. To prepare white sauce 2 tablespoon of butter, 3 tablespoon of flour, 3 cups of milk, and 1 teaspoon crushed pepper can be used. You can add other ingredients like chopped garlic and onion, capsicum, sweet corn also for better taste. So far as the preparation time is concerned the boiling of pasta will take around 7 minutes and the time taken for preparation of the white sauce would be around 9-10 minutes.

4. Russian Vegan Pasta with Mushroom

This is one of the different vegan recipes pasta that is not only popular in Russia but also all over the world. Known as mushroom stroganoff it is one of the classic foods using pasta as the main ingredient. Mushroom is also very popular among vegetarian and vegan diners and the combination of pasta and mushroom with proper baking can deliver one of the most delicious forms of foods. The vegan pasta recipe is ideal for cooler climates to enjoy the delicious dish prepared using it.

Ingredients of the recipe are –

  • 200 gms of pasta;
  • 1 tablespoon oil;
  • A diced onion;
  • 2 minced garlic cloves;
  • 200 gms of sliced mushrooms;
  • 400 ml almond milk; and
  • Cornflour, mustard, tamarind or soy sauce, yeast, and a small amount of cider vinegar

To prepare the pasta dish to cook the pasta first of all and then heat the oil in a frying pan adding onion, garlic, and mushroom in it and fry for 10 minutes till it becomes softer. Add almond milk and cornflour and cook and later add mustard, yeast, vinegar, tamarind, and salt and pepper. Simmer it at low temperature for another ten minutes and add cooked pasta in it and mix well. Serve with chopped parsley.

5. Rigatoni Pie with Spicy Pomodoro Sauce

This is an Italian recipe that can create a great dish with delicious tastes. It is also one of the vegan recipes pasta that can generate great taste without requiring multiple ingredients. This pasta is in pie form and is a cheesy spice, and it is filled with garlic for a better taste. Ingredients of this spicy pasta dish are –

  • 16 ounces of Rigatoni Noodles;
  • A cup of textured vegetable protein;
  • One cup boiling water;
  • Olive oil;
  • Minced white onion;
  • Minced parsley leaf;
  • 2 tablespoon each of minced rosemary and fresh oregano;
  • ¼ cup of fresh basil minced;
  • 2 teaspoons of red pepper flakes;
  • A few garlic cloves, tomatoes, and coconut milk; and
  • Any other vegan components you like.
  • For Preparation boil the noodles at high temperature in a large pot and then cook the onion, garlic, and other plant products listed above in olive oil. Alternate the cooking temperature from time to time and finally simmer the combined items for around 30 minutes. Once prepared serve with flat-leaf parsley.

There are hundreds of vegan recipes pasta and these are only 5 of them. However, these five can be part of any menu and will be liked by all. Nowadays online business is growing more and more especially food business is growing more

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